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Trevor Time

When Bochy brings in Trevor he must know that he's going to give up two hits.  It's just a matter of how hard the balls are hit.  Are they singles?  Doubles?  Home Runs?  This seems to be the only question.

I'm not a big stat guy, but it'd be interesting to see the average number of hits that Trevor has given up in the last year of appearences.

"You've got to make a better pitch at 3-1," Hoffman said. "You can't leave a pitch out over the plate when the game's on the line there."

With Hoffman's fastball topping out at 83 mph and his change up doing like 73 mph, you've still got a pretty good change of speeds but 83 is raw meat for these hitters.  If he doesn't place the ball on the edges then the opposing batters are going to rope that ball somewhere.  Luckily most of the time it's a fly out or at a defensive player.  It seems that the days of Hoffman striking out the side are long gone.

Who was that pitcher that threw little soft rainbow pitches to Mark McGwire back in 98?  I like the way that guy thinks.  Most of these ball players haven't seen a pitch like that since little league, their timing is way off.  One day when Hoffman can't break 80 mph with his fast ball I suggest he try a little soft pitch.