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John Moores has friends who are "creepers"?

Dear Dex and jbox,

I went to the game last night.  I'm a new Padres fan, but I LOVE the Padres!  I talked to Pad Squad Armando and I told him that I really wanted to be a Pad Squadder and he said that they could let me be a Pad Squad for a day!  Yay!  I'm totally going to do it you guys!

I asked him if he knew about gaslampball and he said he didn't.  I told him it was kind of the unofficial Pad Squad website.  He said "oh yeah, I remember that from last year, people were talking about it.  Nobody really talks about them anymore.  They said they didn't like us."  I told him that you guys totally do like them.  Pad Squad guy #45 is totally hot, he has spiky brown hair and is a little beefy, we couldn't tell if he was tall or not though.

I was sitting down behind home plate with some friends tickets.  Some older guys came up to sit next to me and my friend.  We were dancing to the music between innings trying to get on the big screen.  I offered one of the guys a chicken strip.  I think he thought that it was a pick up line, because he totally started trying to talk to us.  We were like "ewww!"

They started telling us that they were friends of John Morris.  I was like "Who's John Morris?" and they were like "No, John Moores, he's the owner of the Padres."  I felt kind of dumb, but as I said I'm a new fan.  He said I should quickly get on him and his friends because then they would put us up on the jumbo tron.  I was like "No I'm just going to dance with my friend".  They were totally creepers.  

They asked if we wanted to go to the locker room after the game with them, since they knew John Moores.  I was like "okay".  Then they started saying "What are you going to do when you get to the locker room?"  

"I'd say hi to the players"

"But what would you do?"

"I'd maybe ask for an autograph"

"But then what would you do?"

"umm, I dunno maybe ask one of them for a hug."

"Then what would you do?"

They were total creepers.  Then Khalil Greene came up to bat and I thought he would win the game for us.  I yelled that I loved Khalil Greene.  

Creepers were like, "What will you do if Khalil hits a home run?"

"I'd be happy"

"But then what would you do?"

"I dunno."

They were soooo creepy!  Do you think they were really John Moores friends?  Why were they so creepy?

I was sad that the Padres lost, but I know that they will win again because they are aMAYzing!

[Name Withheld]

PS I think John Weisbarth is cute.