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Mirabelli back to the Sox

I'm glad Mirabelli is gone.  After his bitching about Petco Park the other day, I felt an intense hatred for him that only the likes of Nevin and Klesko have known.  I bet KT saw that quote in the UT and was like "Oh no you don't, you SOB!"  Let's be honest he didn't want to be here anyway.  He wanted to catch full time OR be a Boston Red Sock.  Go home Mirabelli, jbox hates you.  We have a catcher here that can hit into double plays with the best of them. Maybe this way Bochy can just stick with a line up with out having to protect Mirabelli's delicate feelings by letting him play every few days.

We are supposed to get Josh Bard, who I hear has been real solid in the minors.  I don't know much about Clay Meredith (Baseball reference doesn't have a "Y" at the end of his name?).  What I do know is that girls love pitchers named "Clay" though.

Update [2006-5-1 12:32:26 by jbox]:

Uh oh, see what Mirabelli did! Now he's got Khalil complaining about Petco:

Greene isn't unhappy about leaving Petco Park. Referring to Saturday's game, he said, ?If that game is in 80 percent of the stadiums, we get three or four home runs. I always look at that. Those are no-doubt home runs, and they change the whole feel of the game.?

Update [2006-5-1 12:39:43 by jbox]: Josh Bard has 10 passed balls this season. With 4 yesterday. Where did I hear he was solid?