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Game Recap: Colorado visits San Diego

It's always a weird phenomenon when you have friends visit from another city or another country, and they somehow manage to bring the weather with them. Or sometimes, I'll go travelling and the weather will be really pleasant and the people in the city I'm at will find out I'm from San Diego and they'll be like, "Man, you brought the weather with you. It was raining just last week!"

Apparently, that's what happened at Petco last night. Colorado brought mile high down with them and busted out a few runs on us.

I think Dewon was maybe taking the staff and coaches a little too seriously when they said the place is a pitchers park. It may be a pitchers park, but that doesn't mean you can just continually float fastball after fastball after fastball up there. Mix it up! Do I blame Mirabelli? Was Braz shaking anything off?

And then, when the Padres came back for 4, was it wise to let Braz come back for the second to give up two more? Didn't that kinda kill the momentum of bringing the game back to within reason?

I figure, you got Jake going the day after. You haven't used some of the key guys in your bullpen. It may be early in the season, but why not go for the emergency relief and really try to win the game? Tell Jake that we're gonna need at least 8 innings from him if we want to win thise series. I know it might not have worked out in the end what with all the scoring Colorado was still gonna do, but heck. Instead of worrying about being eliminated in September, why not worry about it in April.

Don't these games count too?