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Defeat is a cold and bitter f__king dish

Did you go Friday's game? Did you notice how f__king cold it was? Seriously, I used the long sleeve t-shirt that they gave us as little mini blanket. I was so freezing. It was cold as a b_tch.

I don't know where you're from, but when you're from San Diego and the temperature gets down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and that bitter f__king sea breeze comes shooting through your designer blue jeans. I tell you... That's some serious shit.

A recap of our evening...

  • After Chris Young's double, I got a text, "Think chris young can play third?" Chris Young looked really good, even at the plate. I kinda think that if you're pushing 7 feet tall, you should be able to get the ball in there in the mid 90s, but I'll take the Ks. Unfortunately for him, the bitter freezing f__king cold sapped the bullpen of all their power.

  • ...except for Chan Ho. Chan Ho maintained all of his power. That guy, as they say in Canada, is the bomb. He should be our middle of the game closer. Dae Hai Min-Gook, bitches!

  • Jbox got a phone call at one point and, in a really high and sassy voice, answered, "Hey, girl!" I have no idea when jbox started hanging out with the cast of 227, but apparently that's what's happened.

  • Adrian Gonzalez (or A-Go to the cool kids) just missed pulling a home run into the left field porch. His swing was strong, but the results weren't quite the same as the last few days. I blame it on the bitter f__king cold wind.

  • I was really disappointed with Clay Hensley's performance. That was a bummer, man.

  • Jbox and I ran into Gaslamp Baller fairweather and his wife at the game. We also talked a bit with Pad Squad Erica and Pad Squad Catherine. We got to meet Pad Squad Kelly who we hadn't met before. I hope I'm spelling everybody's names right. Jbox and I felt very popular.

  • Padres, of course, lost the game, which is really annoying. I'm really hoping that's not what the bullpen's going to be looking like. I like the dudes, but the results just were not hanging around.

  • I'm on Spring Break! Hooray for me!
We'll get 'em tomorrow. We'll get 'em tomorrow.