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David Wells hit with 7 runs in rehab start

Wells took a beating in his rehab start.  

"It is what it is, it's a bad night," said Wells, placed on the disabled list last Saturday -- retroactive to March 27. "No excuses."

The AP author seems to blame the temperature at the ball game for part of Boomer's troubles.  

Pitching on a damp night with a game-time temperature of 51 degrees, he walked three, hit a batter and struck out one while throwing 92 pitches -- 62 for strikes.

Dex and I sat through nine innings of baseball that ranged from 54-59 degrees last night in Petco.  So we can only imagine what 51 degrees would have done to an overweight pitcher with much more blubber to keep him warm.  There was no mention in the article of a bitter cold breeze though.  So we might have had it tougher in San Diego.  I'm just saying.