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Last Nights Game and the Pad Squad

Dex and I were talking on the way to the game.  The Pads should really be sweeping teams like Colorado.  We need to get some wins in the bank.  Make some withdrawls late in the season so we don't have to win 15 games in a row at the end.  We really need to beat up on these teams in order to get a good start.

Well that didn't happen, but it was still a fun game.  As Dex mentioned we ran into some of the Pad Squad.  Pad Squad Erica and Kelly were at the front gates.  I called out to Erica and she looked at us like "You best step off fool!"  Then I explained we were from Gaslamp Ball and her features softened and was super nice.  Whew that was a close one!  Right away she's points to Dex, "You're Dex right?" and then Pad Squad Kelly points to me "You look familiar, you must be jbox?"  Not sure how she knew that.  

Here's the thing about the Pad Squad, I don't trust them.  I think they know alot more then they let on.  Remember the SDSU vs. Padres game last year?  Remember we got our pictures taken with some of the Pad Squadders.  They were like "you should put these pictures on a web page".  At the time Gaslamp Ball was only a few weeks old.  There is no way they should have known who we were.  Plus we were talking a ton of crap about them.  So our reply was like "uhhh haha, yeah webpage, that'd be something". Really nervous that some how they knew that we were the ones.  I still swear they know a lot more then they let on.  If you meet a Pad Squadder in person, feel free to talk to them, just be careful, I can't say much more they know too much already.

If I've learned anything being a Padres fan and writing for Gaslamp, it's this:  The Pad Squad, there is no greater friend and no worse enemy.  Trust me on this.

Later we were sitting in our seats and Pad Squad Catherine, Gloves and some new guy came out to do the t-shirt launching.  Right before they run on the field, Pad Squad Catherine hands me a bunch of paperwork, "hold this for me while I'm launching..."  then she winks at me.  Here's the back story on this.  I talked to her for quite a bit last year and she had very similar paper work.  I begged and pleaded for her to let me see this secret Pad Squad paper work.  She denied me over and over.  Why would she hand me this paper now?  Maybe she needed help?  Maybe the Pad Squad needed help?  She needed someone in the free press to see this information.  I quickly started thumbing threw it.  There wasn't much time, the Pad Squad were almost out of t-shirts.  Quickly I took my camera out and started taking spy photos of the documentation.  I just finished as they came back.  I handed Catherine the papers all out of order.  She tried to tell us something about her faulty launcher and Gloves pulled her away saying there was no time to talk.

I haven't looked at the secret Pad Squad Papers yet, but I'll just say this, that I have transferred the photos to a Swiss safe deposit box, just so that if anything happens to me they will be safe.  

Pad Squad Erica came and visited us at the end of the game and was real nice, we chatted and told her how cold we were.  She looked at us like we were crazy?  "You guys are cold?  It's kinda nice out."

Trust us, it was bitter cold at Petco last night.