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Today is especially nice as far as Fridays go because I'm done with finals! Hip-hip HUZZAH!

Actually, I lie. I have one more final to do sometime today. It's a take home that I have to e-mail into the professor. I think I'll bang it out over a nice glass of orange juice while rocking out to Dio.

Also, no offense to anybody, but if you posted a diary that got deleted, it was probably because it was half a sentence and then trash to fill the word count. We're trying to discourage that. If there's something you want on Gaslamp, either e-mail it to me dex at, put it in the comments, or come up with a more reasonable diary. Thanks, yo.

Here are a few links to get you started:

  • metalsupply's season preview: part ii - He picks the Padres, with some good analysis. I think it can be summed up even easier than that. People keep talking about how the Dodgers have improved or how Barry's all you need to win the West. You see what happened to Nomar? This race is gonna be decided by the pit crews. Whatever staff can keep their old ass players healthy is gonna have the car that wins.

  • Leron Lee is the #93 Padre of all time - As decided by Lance and Richard over at Friar Faithful. It's too bad they aren't going with their hearts instead of their minds because numbers 92 through 1 would all so totally be Klesko. Ah! Moded! You and me, gwynntown. You and me. I only joke because I care. This reminds me though that I should get my first player done today. Don't anybody worry, because I'll so totally get it done. My player is good.

  • Is Towers' job on the line this year? - Down at the bottom of this page. Check the notes. I don't even know why this is a question. We're not talking about a government office job here. You need to be judged continually or else you're not concerned with winning. On the flip side, Towers just won a division title (albeit with the 82-80 record), but he still achieved success. So...
More as we go.