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My Opening Day

I was out of town most of the week, so I missed the real Opening Day.  I caught the game last night though.  Ended up going to the game by myself, but met up with Dex's wife, her cousins and work friends.

It was great to be back in Petco watching the Padres.  The World Baseball Classic was good and all, but it's nice to be around Padres fans again and seeing your team play.

Straight from the airport to the ballpark, I was listening to the pre-game show and heard about Klesko's MRI from Coach Kentara.  I'm rooting for Klesko to get surgery and be out 2-4 months.  Adrian Gonzalzes (his permanent replacement) is on a tear and Klesko is not needed.  If he doesn't get the surgery then he'll play a game or two then sit out a week.  When he actually plays he'll be playing hurt which means he'll suck.  We don't need that this season.  Get your surgery Klesko come back in 4 months and we'll see what you got.    Maybe you can shag some balls during batting practice, make yourself useful.

The booing of Bonds continued last night.  The crowd loved it when Barry was hit by the pitch in the second inning.  I think he drew a walk after that and got some chin music from a few pitches.  

Did anybody watch "Bonds on Bonds" on ESPN2 on Tuesday?  I watched it and thought it was interesting to see what a nut he is.  His crying scene was emotional, made me laugh.  Crying about how everybody is depending on him and how he wants to leave the game but can't since he'd be letting everybody down.  He doesn't care about the money, so on and so on.  I was trying to come up with a good sign to bring to the ball park.  Something like "I saw you cry on ESPN2".  

I think it's ridiculous that the Pads shut down the viewing area near the Padres store behind left field.  I know it's private property and all but has anybody heard of the Bill of Rights?  How about the first Amendment?  This isn't Communist Cuba!  It's not China!  We have freedoms here!

the right of the people peaceably to assemble
... in left field when the Giants are in town.

What other new rules have Petco, the Padres or their security created?  I bet you can't even throw syringes on the field anymore!  What's this world coming to?

The only real low point of the game was when Barfield made that horrible throw to first.  That was a rough inning, but the Pads played a pretty decent game.  It's great to be back in San Diego during baseball season.  It doesn't get much better.