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Photos from opening day

Jon got the photos to me. Here they are along with explanation of what I can remember. These may be in some kinda crazy random order as that's how Jonny Dub sent them to me...

If you're the kind of person who can afford $50 to park your car, then are you really the kind of person who needs to spend $50 to park your car? Does that make sense what I'm saying? Like, if you have that much money to blow to stick your car in some dirty little alley, then shouldn't you know better? I don't know what I'm talking about.

Chris Botti trumpeted the Star Spagled Banner. It was excellent. As you can see from this picture... So were our seats. Thanks, Chase and Katie! Congrats on the engagement!

This is Mike Piazza after crushing his home run. Mike Piazza is my new favorite Padre. By the way, is his name pronounced pee-yat-za or pee-ah-za?

The new big thing at PETCO is to shoot confetti. Those people love confetti big time. After they shot confetti, it covered everybody including yours truly. As you can see by the stupid grin on my face, it absolutely delights me to be covered in confetti. Don't ask me why.

Khalil Greene is one of my favorite Padres, but whatever is behind those eyes isn't human. This is the photo they use on the jumbotron. If you walk around your computer a bit, Khalil's eyes will follow you around the room. Creepy. Gives me the chills.

This is what we ate for dinner. That's a Randy Jones BBQ Big Dawg and some Anthony's fish & chips. Jonny Dub complained later about the Big Dawg doing a little number on him. I drenched my meal in malt vinegar. Jonny Dub says he could drink a glass of malt vinegar like he could drink a glass of milk. Nasty!

There's everybody's favorite hellspawn. You see that round thing in his back pocket? Jonny Dub and I thought it was a big tin of chew at first. He pulled it out in the 8th inning. Turns out it was a gigantic condom. I don't know who Barry was trying to impress carrying that thing around. I'm just kidding. It wasn't a condom. It's actually a giant ringworm on his ass. Barry eats uncooked meat. I'm just kidding about it being a ringworm on his ass too. It's getting late, and that condom and ringworm stuff makes me laugh, but I'm thinking it's funny cause I'm tired and sometime tomorrow I'll be embarrassed about this post.

You know... I'm looking at these photos Jon sent me and he's actually missing a few that I know were probably good. I'll finish this tomorrow. I'm getting tired.

Happy Opening Day, everybody!