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Open Thread 4/4: Padres versus Gigantes

The day after Opening Day. The day when the real fans show up to the park. A good day indeed.

I won't be at the game, but you know... Rock on, dudes.

If you're online and watching the game then I'll be around. I'll be studying and writing a paper, but if somebody wants to chat, then chat away. Game starts at 7.

We have Shawn Estes going for us against Matt Morris. Let's hope the bats can keep it up.

I'm also watching Bonds on Bonds on ESPN2. I dunno if this makes me see Barry Bonds as more of a human being, but I do realize after looking at footage of him from college and high school, I guess his head could've potentially always been that big.

I'm gonna have to watch a replay of this and give it a more proper post...

Until then, enjoy tonight's game!