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Why isn't Opening Day a national holiday?

Just got back from the game. Jonny Dub got some good photos. We'll weed through the filler and get you the stuff. For now, let's all bask in the glow of an undefeated NL West Padres team.

The game itself was awesome. I was supposed to meet a buddy from class for some tailgating, but we showed up kinda late and wanted to check out the pregame festivities. John Weisbarth, aka Johnny Midnight, was decked out in a tux and the ladies suh-wooooned.

Bonds got a good amount of boos but nothing insane. A few people threw ziplock bags filled with urine. Somebody else through a used diaper that had been lit on fire. All in all, nothing crazy.

I'll write up something more when I get the photos that Jonny Dub took. In the meantime, bullet points summarizing what we learned about this Padres team:

  • Mike Piazza apparently didn't hear you when you told him that going to the opposite field at PETCO wasn't going to get him anywhere.

  • Khalil Greene is going to become a star this season. A star

  • Brian Giles and A-Go are awesome too. You combine them together and you've got - get this - The Killer G's! Oh that's great. Michael Piazza and the Killer G's. It's so old school gangsta.

  • Two of the three members of Nickel Creek - Sean and Sara - sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame for the 7th inning stretch. It was awesome. Sara broke out the violin and Sean had the acoustic guitar and Sara sang and everybody sang along. They really should do that more often. I mean getting somebody good to lead the sing-a-long. Troy Johnson needs to hook it up with his local music crowd.
OK. There's a bunch of good photos, if Jon would ever get home. GET HOME, JON. Send me the photos!