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What would you do if you sucked at something you're getting paid to be good at?

Take any profession you'd like. For my example, I'll say chef. You're a professional cook. What would you do if the food you were making started to suck really badly? It didn't taste good. People were getting sick from it. What do you think you'd do?

If you're the San Diego Padres, you'd call it a slump and wait it out.

Take another profession. Bus driver. What would you do if you were a bus driver and you kept going to the wrong stops. You literally did not know how to get from one stop to the next. What would you do then?

If you're the San Diego Padres, you'd call it a slump and wait it out.

Do I need to do another one?

During last night's broadcast, Leitner was saying something about how when "the entire team goes into a slump, you just have to wait it out." How exactly is it possible that "waiting it out" is the only solution?

Who exactly is Dave Magadan having sex with that he still has a job? Hasn't he been a complete failure? After a while, don't you figure that it's not just the players trying to adapt to the system? What the heck kind of system is it that produces two hitters with batting averages over .300 in four years?

Maybe we should fire Balsley? Ummmmm... The pitchers have been excellent, why would you fire Balsley?

Let's fire the batboy then? Well, actually, the batboy's pretty good at getting the bats and stuff.

Let's fire the guy who sells peanuts? Nope. Those peanuts get sold.

Well then, let's think of what we completely stink at. What do we utterly suck at. Who's in charge of that? Who could possibly be responsible for how well we're doing at that...