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The polls are in: Padres fans aren't Cubs fans

The UT conducted a poll. It's kind of a weird poll because the numbers are just the number of people who answered a particular way instead of a percentage. Why not give a percentage? No calculator nearby?

Anyways, of the questions that were asked, I thought this one was interesting:

Which best decribes what reason would bring you to more games?
More wins: 58 (45%)
Lower prices: 33 (26%)
More offense: 24 (19%)
More name players: 13 (10%)
You take the top two responses, and simple economics would dictate that the Padres are asking for too much money considering the quality of the product they're producing. I'm so telling my classmates that I learned something in my economics class.

The question about which Padre people would pay to see play is also interesting. Peavy pulls in 33% of the vote and Khalil pulls in 20%. Do people still not give Giles credit for being a terrific player? You'd rather see Khalil, emotionless after a strikeout, walk back to the bench rather than Giles try to take dudes out at every base he gets to? Giles is the bomb.