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Open Thread: Keith Hernandez Seinfeld

It's on Fox 6 in San Diego right now. Let's see what's going down here.

7:36PM: I had totally forgotten that this is the one where Seinfeld is gay for Keith Hernandez and George is a chuck at basketball.

"Just go ahead and call him!"

7:37PM: Commercial break. I wonder who's idea it was over at Fox 6 to get this episode on tonight. I'll have to contact the Fox 6 Gaslamp Ballers and see how intentional this was. Also, maybe it's just me, but Seinfeld definitely feels 90s to me now. Like the backlash may have begun in my mind and if I were to watch some of these episodes I might find the characters extremely grating. That's also probably just because so much of the Seinfeld mentality has pervaded our culture that everything seems tired and passe.

These are long commercial breaks for me to be thinking about all this stuff.

7:40PM: Back to the episode. George looking for work. Actually, "listening" for work. I just saw Pretty Woman again over the weekend. George was smarmy in that. Especially the scene where he tries to rape the hooker out of rage.

7:42PM: Ahhhh... Kramer. Here's a secret. Jonny Dub totally thinks he's the "Kramer" of the group. I'm actually the Jerry and jbox is the Elaine.

Wait, did I just imply that I'm gay for Keith Hernandez?

Also, that is a wild shirt that Jerry wears in this episode. Wild.

7:44PM: Ah Newman. Jonny Dub thinks he's Kramer. He may actually be Newman.

7:45PM: "I hate Keith Hernandez. Hate him!" "I DESPISE him!"

7:47PM: Back and to the left....