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The Kelly Calabrese story

Since Keith Hernandez made some inappropriate comments about a woman being in the Padres dugout, fires back by telling us all the Kelly Calabrese story.

It's a story of small town girl being lured to San Diego by Ryan Klesko and the promise of massaging big league ball players.  Sounds creepy right?  Well it's not.  Everything here is on the up and up.

The title of "massage therapist" can be a little misleading concerning what Calabrese does. It's more than giving massages. She works on players' aches and pains, helping to avoid injury or further injury. Hutcheson said that since hiring Calabrese, who works on 10-15 players each day, there's been a decline in the everyday muscle pulls sustained during a big-league season.

If only these guys could hit like they can take a massage.  I'd like to see some sort of ratio between batting cage time vs. massage time.

These guys are living lives of luxury, getting massages.  If I'm Bochy first thing I do is start getting tough with these dudes.  No massages unless you get a hit!  You gotta earn it.  If I really wanted to send them a message I'd deprive them of hair gel and tanning lotion.

In some of our discussion of this topic on our site.  Some of you readers, myself included have innocently wondered why a massage therapist was needed actually in the dugout, rather than just staying in the clubhouse.

I think one of our readers mentioned that Kelly sits in the dugout so that she can monitor players.  She watches how they move in order to find out how she can best massage them.  Sometimes she knows they need a massage before they do.  Also, though I've never seen it she'll give them quick little massages on the bench if they need it.