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If the Padres continue to suck...

I always thought it'd be cool, if every fan boycotted one game.  Send a little message to management and the team.  It'd be funny to have the TV commentators have to explain why there isn't anybody there to watch the game.  There are so many problems with actually making this happen, but I think it'd be cool just once.

I was also thinking that if you could get everybody to leave in the 8th inning next time they are getting blown out.

How about everybody turns their backs to the field, or goes up into the standing areas so that the seats are empty?

Maybe we can just all crowd into the Park in the Park.  

How bad would they have to suck to start something like this up?  

Dex was suggesting that people put paper bags over their heads in the stands.  Like they don't want to be recognized on TV as Padres fans.  Act like it's so embarassing watching this bad baseball.

Any let's hope that it never comes to this.  Padres need to get it going though and quick!