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Low Attendance and Yesterday's Game

Jon and I went to the day game yesterday.  The place was empty!  Actually both games I went to this week were really light in attendance.  Nick Canepa from the UT thinks it might be because the Padres suck.  Could it be?  People don't like watching their team suck?

"When you don't hit," manager Bruce Bochy was saying, "you look bad . . . boring. . . . It's like we're hitting with giveaway bats."

Right now the Padres are tied for 2nd worst record in the Major Leagues.  

"We're awful right now," Bochy said after the loss. "And we know it. This has gone on far too long."
"I don't think there are any great concerns," Alderson says.

Alderson may want to think again.

Anyway Jon and I were sitting out there in the blazing mid day sun.  In case you didn't know we were supposed to have thunder storms yesterday, so Jon and I are sitting out there with jackets and jeans, cooking in our seats.

Want to impress your friends?  Here's the trick to the hidden ball under the ball cap shell game that they play between innings on the jumbo tron.  

If the ball starts under cap 3 then it will end up under cap 2.  If it starts under cap 2 then it'll end up under cap 1.  Cap 1 will end under cap 3.  So just one cap to the left of the start.

Gaslamp Ball does not condone making money off of your friends but you could see how betting a hot dog on the results may be worth while.

Jon and I were surprised that more wasn't made of Mike Piazza's home run.  Granted only 3 of his home runs were as a Padre, but still that's a nice little feat and was the only good news of the day.

Update [2006-4-27 12:26:33 by jbox]: Mike Cameron's catch in center yesterday was the number one web gem.