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Fly free, birds of Padredise... I jinx you no longer...

Everything's going to be OK people. I'm going to get us some karma back. I think part of the reason I was so hard on Jon about jinxing the team was because I knew in my heart of hearts that I was actually the one jinxing them.

I had five Padres on my MBA fantasy team. As soon as I picked up Peavy, he became the hard luck pitcher of the year. I draft Trevor and he doesn't get a save for 3 months. The only Padre who seems immune to my jinx is Giles, but I'm betting he's had trouble geting a tan to stick lately.

Well, no more. As of now. Fly free, Padres. Do well for other teams. All my Padres are on the trading block. Not because I don't think they can't produce, but because I don't think they can produce while I'm actively jinxing them. I'll sacrifice my fantasy team for the good of the Padres.