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Gaslamp Baller tfast guesses the attendance

A Short Story by Gaslamp Ball reader and Padres super fan tfast

I took my 3rd inning run for coffee, ice cream and the rest room.  I needed to go to guest services to submit scoreboard surprises for my sister and my friend for their b-days this week,  I then headed over to the Compadres to have my tickets ran that were missed in the beginning of the season because I forgot my card.  While one girl was giving me points the other two asked where I was sitting and if I would want to guess the attendance.  I was like "totally!"  They said it was the least they could do for the inconvenience of the points situation, but really to me they were doing me a favor and I was just asking if it was possible to add the missed points.  I got really excited and started high fiving everyone behind the counter.  They said it was great to have someone actually excited about doing it.  They told me the prize was a signed Trevor Hoffman ball.  I can't lie, I did have butterflies.

So when it was time they gave me a hat and T-shirt.  I was swimming in the T-Shirt but I put it on because Trevor was worth it.  Before I left I gave everyone behind the counter a good luck high 10.  So once I got up there I met a couple of the Pad Squadders and John Weisbarth. He was totally cool.  

I asked if I could take a picture and as we were taking the picture I said "Dex & Jbox would be so proud of me".  John got all excited and said "you know them? They are great guys" and I said "they are my friends" and he said the boys were cool guys and very funny.  Then he said "is this going to end up on the Gaslamp Ball blog?" I said "of course".  One of the Pad Squadders over heard our discussion and said that "Jbox & Dex hate us" and I said "Oh no, they actually love the Pad Squad" and John chimed in and said "The boys actually have big crushes on the Pad Squad" and I agreed.  So there needs to be some serious PR done to show the Pad Squad some love.

After John felt comfortable we started talking shop. He feels like it is going to be a long season if things don't start turning around but I told him they will turn it around they just need to get in the grove.  I told him he needs to have some faith.  I told him that I was disappointed in Greene's performance.  It is almost as if he was in a deep depression over Loretta being gone.  I asked John if Greene changed his swing over spring training and he said he changes each week it seems. John proceeded to talk shop and he hopes that we will not be too far out of contention by the time we turn it around.  I was telling him that I need to just go to the locker room and give the team a motivational speech on getting back to the basics of why they first wanted to be a pro's in the first place.  Get back to the love of the game.  Then suddenly we were on.  Of course I was extremely spirited and very animated. My husband was so busy trying to record the video that he did not really get to watch the big screen with detail.

When I first came up the Pad Squad asked " you know how it works right?" and I said "Oh yeah, it is always the higher number".  So when it came time to guess I saw the numbers and right away grabbed the A card while John was surveying the crowed.  The crowed was all about B and when I choose A I even heard booing from my section.  But I was right and they were incorrect, and I walked away with the Trevor ball.  After it was all said and done I thanked everyone on the porch shook hands and gave high fives.  I took a picture with one of the Compadres girls that walked me up and down to the area.  I then took off the extra large T-shirt and used it to wrap the ball in its case but left the cap on.  So I got back to my seat section and everyone gave me a high five.  Some asked to see the ball so I held it while they looked at it. My husband was very proud of me and equally as excited about the hat and t-shirt I was also given.  It definitely put a positive spin on a not so good game.