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No offense to Mags and all...

...But is he really a good hitting coach? I think we ought to really kinda start getting curious here. I'm not saying we need to hold anybody accountable or anything. I'm just saying, maybe we should be curious about what Mags is doing.

Heaven forbid we set expectations that would suggest we want to succeed... Or anything like that, you know... I'm not saying that we should get crazy or anything...

I'm just saying, maybe we should tell Mags that there won't be any food at the buffet for tomorrow's game and see if he even shows up cause I'm starting to get a tinge of curiosity regarding what exactly he's doing from day to day.

I mean, I'm sure he's doing something. I just would like to know exactly what that is so that we can judge him based on his performance in that respect.

Not that I want to change team policy. I, like the rest of you, don't think that players or coaches should be judged on any sort of merit. It's a game after all. Let them just play. If they win, they shouldn't get any more credit than when they lose.

In fact, when they lose, we should love them more because they could use the self-esteem.

Personally, I don't think it's a big deal that Mags has coached exactly two Padres hitters to batting averages over .300. I think we should be positive that the number is greater than one.

It's just that I can readily explain why the Padres massage therapist is in the dugout, but I'm having a heckuva time figuring out what some of those other dudes are in there for.