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How superstitious are you?

Last night, Chan Ho was cruising through the Diamondbacks. He was perfect through four. In the back of my head, I thought, Chan Ho is looking completely on and this isn't the strongest Diamondbacks team. We could be seeing something great.

While the Padres are up in their half of the fourth, Jonny Dub calls me and goes, "Dex! I'm gonna jinx Chan Ho! He's pitching a no-hitter!"

I gritted my teeth and tried to salvage the karma. "It's only been four innings, Jon, but he is looking really good."

Jon goes, "HE'S THROWING A PERFECT GAME. He might do it!"

"OK, just relax, I'll talk to you later." I hung up the phone and muttered something like, "dumbass" under my breath and when jbox, Jess and boo asked what Jon wanted I didn't bother repeating it, even though I knew the damage had been done.

Sure enough, first D-Backs batter of the fifth runs into a double and the Padres go on to lose the game, even though Chan Ho was excellent and would pitch 8+ innings.

I was so frustrated. "F_ckin' Jon," I yelled. "What's he doing jinxing the Padres. He knows not to say anything. He makes me so crazy."

Anyways... it brings me to the subject of my post. In my mind, there are certain things that you don't point out no matter how obvious they may be. Call it superstition if you'd like, but I would lump jinxing a perfect game in the same boat as pointing out that somebody has excessively large ears, or maybe telling somebody that their child is truly ugly and should be kept away from people with heart conditions. Or saying something like, "Man. I bet you feel really stupid about that, don't you."

In other words, if nothing good can come from it, then probably you should keep it to yourself.

Myself, I'm convinced Jon jinxed the Padres last night. There are things that you do when it comes to baseball, just because they're things that you do when it comes to baseball. What's the saying? I don't believe in God, but I pray every night just in case?

Even if Jon doesn't believe in that sort of thing, I'd argue that he still should've kept it to himself, if only out of courtesy to the irriationally superstitious... like myself. He knows it's part of baseball etiquette and if anything, it only gives me a reason to berate him once Chan Ho does give up that first base hit.

Then again, I'm almost positive that if I were to do something extremely dumb, which made my ears grow excessively large, Jon would be the first person to point it out to me. So maybe it's a wash...

I'm curious how others feel about it. Therefore... there's a poll in the comments.


How do you feel about jinxing players?

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  • 60%
    If it's a perfect game, or a no-hitter, you don't even think about it, lest the baseball gods strike you down where you stand.
    (6 votes)
  • 10%
    I don't really believe in that sort of thing, but I keep my mouth shut to be polite.
    (1 vote)
  • 0%
    Superstitions are for the weak minded and I have a blabber mouth so if I see something, I'm telling everybody I sees it.
    (0 votes)
  • 30%
    I never even realized that something like that would have been an issue... But then again, I mostly follow international soccer.
    (3 votes)
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