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Last Night at Petco Park

Gaslamp Baller Boo was way too nice to Dex and I last night. Honestly we don't deserve such royal treatment. She came and picked us up, gave us a tour of downtown and hooked us up with some real nice seats. When we were walking to the park we passed the "Park Palm Restaurant" and they were handing out bags of peanuts to anybody walking by and going to the game. Then we went over to the Hilton and they gave us free sour apples, we were blown away by San Diegian's generousity.

We headed inside and it was a quiet Monday night at Petco. It was a nice change from the opening day and weekend crowds. I went over to Randy Jones BBQ and got the Big Dawg hot dog which is easily a foot long and as thick as your forearm. The Marines were volunteering at Randy Jones. I know we've all complained about how Petco won't just hire food service employees and the service sucks. I got to tell you the only exception is when the military is working the booths. As you might expect they work like a finely oiled rifle. They are quick and deadly accurate. I was impressed.

We got to our seats high above the first base line. I'll tell you something, I think I prefer these seats to lower seats in the outfield. You get a really nice bird eye view of the diamond. Boo passed out our snacks which she had been carrying for us and we chowed down our food.

After the Pad Squad shot their t-shirts into the crowd we all headed down to the Western Metal Supply building to shop for merchandise. I really can't understand how they charge so much for most of the items. I saw a nice Padres track jacket that wasn't marked. I expected that you might have to pay more, but when I found out that this jacket cost $105 I lost control of my bowels and yelled obscenities. It wasn't pleasant.

We met up with Jonny Dub and Sbeck in the Padres Store viewing area in left field. Jon, Dex and I all put on our feminine high voices and started calling out to Luis Gonzalzes. "Gooonzo! Gooonzo!"

Knowing full well that Gonzalzes has never ignored the call of female groupies or high voiced male groupies, Gonzo was forced to look over his shoulder at us. We waved our fingers through the chain link fence at him.

We watched the Padres Rally die, yet all agreed that Chan Ho Park is awesome and that we'll get 'em next time.