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Open Thread: 4/24 Padres vs. Diamondbacks

Gaslamp Ball reader "Boo" won a date with Dex and I to a Padres game of her choice at some point.  The deal was that she could date both of us at one time as long as she paid for our tickets and didn't skimp on the Nachos.  So that's tonight.

We're heading out to the ballpark here in a few minutes.  I think we are gonna try and get down there to hang with the "Out in Left Field" crew.  We might even try and make Boo jealous by flirting with Chrissy Russo.  Then again Chrissy will probably be on the field so we'll end up flirting with Troy instead.  It's a win-win situation for us.

Chan Ho Park and some Arizona pitcher are matched up tonight so this should be good.

Umm, what else... what else?  I think that's it.  If you are out at the park try and spot us, say "hi".