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Tony Gywnn is very irritable when signing autographs

Just heard this morning from a secret source that Tony Gwynn is a real punk when signing autographs.  Apparently this person says to him "My son has a friend who is a good friend of yours [she mentions his name]..."  Tony interrupts and says "Yeah I don't know him" and hands her the ball.

I think I've spoken of my experience with him before.  When I waited in line and bought an autographed ball and t-shirt from him and he never even looked at me.  He talked to some other lady in line and his handler and never even looked up.  Not only that, but he he was telling his handler that he hates signing autographs and he gets real sick of it all in front of me.   I didn't take it personally or anything or get that upset, it was just more of a shock, because of all the good stuff I'd heard about him.

In his defense I was at the end of line and he'd been signing for several hours.  I understand people have bad days and it's gotta suck dealing with the general public all the time.  From what I've heard from this source is that he's always in a bad mood.

Others rave about what a nice guy he is, so really who knows.