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A plethora of frustrating things

What a terrible game. There was an amazing variety of frustrating things about that game. Would I say there was a plethora of frustrating things? Yes. There was a plethora.

First, just seeing Xavier Nady. I had come to grips with the idea that the trade for Cameron was a good deal for both clubs, but it reminded me of why exactly the trade happened. Because for whatever reason, we just had to keep playing Klesko in left and we had to have left handers on first base 3 games of four.

I play me some poker. And there's a concept that I think could be learned when it comes to baseball. Any bets you've made in the middle of a hand now belong to the pot. If you make a bet for $5 into a $20 pot, then the pot is now, for all intents and purposes, $25. It doesn't ever again break down that $5 of it is yours and it needs to be rescued. Therefore, it should never cross your mind that you should continue playing a bad hand because you've paid money before this moment... especially if your hand is no longer good.

Basically, don't chase bad money with good money.

In baseball, I'm convinced that it's a mistake to chase after investments once they've gone bad. Or at the very least, that decision should be made by the GM and not the field manager. Ed Graney may sum it up better than me. I have a feeling I'm rambling.

Also, please please please please please don't tell me that Jake Peavy's has been selected as our Hard Luck Pitcher of the Year... Please please please. David Wells was one thing. Brian Lawrence was one thing. If you people make Jake Peavy our HLPY, it might drive me insane.

Finally, when there are runners on base, the idea is that you need to get them home. On base percentage is one thing. The actual runs is what counts.

I lied, one more thing. I sincerely hope that these two outings buy us two straight years of perfection from Linebrink. Not to blame him for the loss, but the expectations are still kinda high. I feel horrible for criticizing him.