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Open Thread 4/20: Padres vs Mets

We were going to go down and buy Park Passes for tonight's game, but I just checked and they're all sold out. We get to watch in our respective homes.

Bochy gets another look at Xavier Nady. I heard from a bird that Bochy's planning on ordering a fastball be placed right between Nady's shoulders. If you didn't know, Bochy hated Nady with a furious passion while he was here. He was constantly disrespecting that guy. Never willing to give him a shot. At one point last season, I'm pretty sure Bochy put Aki Otsuka in left field rather than play Xavier Nady there. Bochy definitely had Davey Lopes pinch hit once even though Nady was on the bench and ready to go.

If Trachsel comes inside on one of our hitters, don't be surprised to see Bochy start a bench clearing brawl by running out into right field and attacking Xavier.

It's gonna be intense.

Also, Jake is pitching. I also heard from a bird that Jake Peavy has wicked stuff. He's like a witch cleaning a toilet. Wicked, filthy, nasty worker.

Update [2006-4-20 21:47:21 by Dex]: Did you know Jose Valentin has a blog? The guy's really depressing.

Today's 3 fer 0 got me thinking. I think I'm gonna try reversing my hands on the bat. Like put my top hand on bottom and shit.
Hang in there, my pitiful friend. (By the way I got that from our friends at Amazin' Ave.)