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Padres commercials for your viewing pleasure

These are so very good. You can check out the new series of Padres commericlas here. Seriously, they're hilarious as they work on the fine line between unintentional and intentional comedy. Hilarious, I say.

You can vote for your favorite and right now, Helmets is winning, but the best one is obviously Best Friends. Reasons why:

  1. Hoffman and the Swingin' Friar's common bond being that they both communicate via hand signals.

  2. Ryno appearance.

  3. Swingin' Friar going all in at poker and then putting his arm around Hoffy.

  4. Rockem Sockem Robots appearance.

  5. Best music
Honestly, I dunno how it's even close. It's sheer brilliance.

I'm still waiting on Khalil as a robot or some of my other ideas to be implemented. One thing I love is that any time Chris Young shows up, he can never fit into the shot cause he's so tall.

Comedy, boys and girls. That's what we in the business call Comedy.