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Chan Ho Polygamist

I've been watching HBO's Big Love and I've decided that polygamists can be kinda scary, but also maybe sometimes kinda nice. The scary ones are really scary though.

I'm still not sure if it explains a dream I had recently where Chan Ho Park was part of some polygamist sect and he and this other guy were chasing me because I had found out some dirt on him. I don't remember exactly what was going on. I probably somehow found out that Chan Ho is a polygamist and he didn't want that getting out so he got some thug from some weird cult to help him get me. There was a car chase through a park and me jumping down stairwells and hiding in wax museums and everything.

Anyways. Here are a few links.

  • Giles plunked in retaliation? I approve of this as much as I approved of Giles taking the dude out at the plate. Here's the thing about baseball... If you're gonna be a little sissy, then you should've stuck to international soccer where it's OK to whine and bitch when somebody slide tackles you. In baseball, we have our own ways of dealing with disagreements and it's called a fastball to the kidney. Baseball's like the mafia that way which is what makes it rad.

  • Embree's keeping his bone chips on his mantle. Back when Gwynn was constantly getting his knee drained, he should've been saving the fluid in mason jars or something. Then he could've used it later in a magical elixir, or to fertilize sunflowers or something.

  • Sledge vows to return. I'd hate to be on the team bus with Termel as much as that guy crashes into things. How much you wanna bet that Sledge was totally sent down to ease the fears of Mike Cameron who should be back sometime next week?

  • Padres have the lowest bullpen ERA in the bigs. Who'd have thunk?

  • Mets Geek previews the series. Predicts a split. Geek really doesn't like the way the matchups are looking for the Mets. I hope our boys can live up to the hype.

  • Beyond the Boxscore brings back their Power 30 feature. Padres come in... 29th!? Lies, damned lies and statistics. I'm telling you. If I can offer a suggestion... The system is apparently putting way too much weight on strength of schedule and predictors like BsR as opposed to looking at the scoreboard. They play the games for a reason and there's no denying that the scoreboard is the bottom line of stats. Just my two cents. I haven't actually looked at the details of the system to tell you if what I'm saying is right. Just a suspicion.
Also, why are you guys using ESPN's Gamecast to keep up with the games? MLB Gameday is easily the best one out there, right? I didn't even think it was close.