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Are you not psyched yet?

If you're not psyched yet, then San Diego Serenade has put together various baseball media that I guarantee will get you pumped for baseball season. Me? I can barely control myself. I'm all nervous shivers.

I listen to the theme from the Natural and I get all giddy.

It makes me want to run around a park with a lit sparkler tied to my hat so I can pretend the exploding light fixtures are raining down broken bits of light bulb and electricity on me.

It makes me want to take a baseball and throw it through the nearest analog clock.

It makes me want to run up to Jonny Dub and jbox with a pile of wet yarn and have Jon say, "Where's the ball?" Then I'll thrust the yarn at him and say, "That is the ball!" Then jbox will say, "That's not a ball! We wanna real ball!"

Ah... I'm so excited.