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I'm procastinating a little bit. I have some homework and reading I have to do for tomorrow, but instead I'm here on the internet. What the heck. In any case, here's what I've been reading, looking at, listening to.

  • Padres recap. Chan Ho Park is awesome. Awesome, I say. I wish I could've been on to listen to the game today, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Also, Cowcat was apparently pretty good today. MEOO.

  • The Round Rock Express (my brother-in-law's team) and the New Orleans Zephyrs got their game postponed last night after the third inning so they decided to play a double-header today. The second game would be 7 innings.

    Somehow, they managed to go into the 13th inning of their first game though and they're just getting around to starting their second game at 9:30PM their time. With the first game going into the 13th inning and the Zephyrs using up at least 6 pitchers in the first game, I have a feeling the second game could go a little late into the night and that's when the women of ill repute will show up.

  • I'm reading the April 17-23 edition of Street and Smith's and there's an article by Andrew Marchand about Bonds on Bonds. Marchand can't figure why ESPN would even broadcast the show. They don't anticipate it being very popular. They figure it'll lose money. And they're being criticized for giving Bonds editorial control over it. So why are they doing it? Why do birds fly? Me, I suspect Bonds has some dirt on the Swami.

  • Batgirl does some cup checking. All I know is, if I'm actually seeing what I think I'm seeing, then I saw something that I probably didn't want to see.