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Open Thread: 4/19, Padres vs. Rockies

12:05 start today.  Looks like I'll be watching on "Game Day".  Chan Ho Park vs. Zach Day.  

Here's some topics to discuss before the game starts:

  1.  Sledge Hammer sent down
  2.  Piazza still trying to hit his second home run of the year.  Sitting at 398 for his career.  Pads lack of power in general.
  3.  Giles playing nasty...  "Sweep the leg!"  "No mercy!"
  4.  Here's a picture of Klesko's dog taking a dump on the spring training field, courtesy of theNerdHater. AP photo credit is to Elaine Thompson.  Actually I don't know if it's Klesko's dog, I just like to blame him for things. The picture is from "The Sporting News".