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Gaslamp Ball Interview: Chrissy Russo

Last week, we had jbox's Argy interview, and now we have the new Outta Left Field correspondent Chrissy Russo. You locals may recognize Chrissy as the Fox in the Morning weather and/or traffic anchor and now she's putting up with Troy Johnson on the Padres pre-pre-game show. We interviewed her via e-mail and Chrissy's not much for capitalizing letters.

Gaslamp Ball: How do you like Outta Left Field so far?

Chrissy Russo: oh i absolutely love it. it's been a crack up interviewing a variety of people like pete the fireworks guy, randy jones, jake peavy, little kids playing in the park and the three military men who i wrangled up to taste test the "diego dog". i ended up hanging out with them for a little bit after the show listening to their job stories. it's a great excuse to get to know interesting people.

GB: It's a well known fact on the internets that Weisbarth and Troy Johnson had crushes on Argy. How are you planning on letting those guys down easy when they eventually fall for you?

CR: I'm not nearly as hot as Argy, so I won't have to worry about that!

GB: Well... We heard from a bird that it's too late. They both already have crushes on you. How are you gonna let them down easy now?

CR: WOW! that's a huge compliment coming from two seriously hot guys like them! Whoa I'm flattered! Um, letting them down? Well, maybe I won't. Here's my official offer to go out to dinner with the two of them... it'll be like three's company and i'll be chrissy.

GB: How long have you been a Padres fan?

CR: since the first game i attended about 5 years ago. i got a really bad sunburn taking in the rays and enjoying the day. disclaimer...bring sun block to the stadium if you're going to a day game.

GB: Are you from San Diego?

CR: nope, from the virginia beach area. actually from a city called suffolk, va. it's about a half hour from the beach but is super rural. cow tipping was actually a weekend sport. i never participated in that game though. it's true though that i have tried moonshine.

GB: Can you truly win our hearts then?

CR: can i win your hearts? i don't know, but i do know that i'll be lucky if i do.

GB: What does moonshine taste like? Did you drink it out of a tin bucket and stir it with a tree branch?

CR: rubbing alcholol and nope, i'm pretty sure it was in something either plastic or glass at least. yeah, it tastes like rubbing alcohol and fire together with an aftertaste of dead animal. the dead brain cells really aren't that big of a deal. i can't really do math in my head anymore or think of words sometimes but they say the long term effects of the drink aren't that bad.

GB: You're a blogger yourself. What do you enjoy most about it?

CR: getting called out for being a slacker and not updating my posts enough. the posters don't let me get away with much. they're awesome. i laugh out loud at some of the posts. there are some people that absolutely tear me up for wearing clothes that don't match or not having my hair right that day. and then there are the defenders, you know, the people that think my clothes were just fine that day. they are great people that tickle my funny bone.

GB: Here's what we know about you from your blog. You get kicked out of stadium press boxes, you wear short skirts, you surf and you have a dog named Petey. What else should we know?

CR: this is a hard one. not much to know. i love meeting all the new people down at the park, love making new friends, love being outside, love my jobs (don't forget the morning weather/traffic on fox in the morning), love my life. i like to take responsibility for things when i screw them up and never lay blame on someone else for my air headed move, or lack of attention to something. i've had the same sea world bird land on my head on two separate occasions and totally freak me out. i got beat up in the green screen by the girl candice and i'm judging the charger girl tryouts again this year. thanks for asking!

GB: You don't happen to have a picture of you and the Go-Daddy girl fighting do you?

CR: i think there's the whole video of it on the website.

GB: Finally... It's the middle of July. Suddenly, it starts snowing in Chula Vista. At the same time, a circus caravan has gotten into a fender bender on the 5/805 merge and there are circus animals on the freeway, but while all that's happening, Jake Peavy is pitching a no hitter at Petco and Khalil is a base hit away from the cycle...

CR: oh that's a trick question dex! are you asking me to choose which kid i love more? forget it! i don't answer hypothetical questions. but if you're cornering me here, i'd split my body and mind in half and do both. it's amazing how much women do these days!

Thanks again to Chrissy! Be sure to check her out on Fox in the Morning and Outta Left Field before Padres home games on Channel 4.

(For the video of the Chrissy vs Candice Michelle fight, click here. You'll have to do a video search for "Candice Michelle". It's seriously excellent.)