Pads power outage

Okay, we're not exactly that far into the season, but so far the power numbers I expected have not been there. I understand that Cameron and Klesko aren't in there putting more fear in the pitchers, and Piazza is up there a bit, but he still should affect the rest of the order.

The team has one guy with more than a single homer: Robo-Khalil. That was not one I was expecting. Since his first swing as a Pad, Piazza hasn't homered, and has a measley 3 RBIs. He's tied with EY, Giles, and noted powerhouse Josh Barfield.

I know it's early, but the offensive numbers are kind of sad. One interesting stat: The team has 41 walks, and Gilley has 13 of them.

So will this change, or is it same old no-run Pads?

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