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Arizona fan throws toothpaste at Bonds

I don't understand what this means. Why would you throw a tube of toothpaste at Barry Bonds? Does Bonds not brush his teeth? Is this some sort of weird zonie humor? Will they be throwing dental floss at him next?

The syringes... I understand the joke. Toothpaste... I'm not so sure.

Desert people are weird. Watch out for them. Weird in the head.

Update [2006-4-18 11:25:3 by Dex]: Here's more info about the weirdness. Turns out it was a tube of muscle pain reliever, but I'll just keep pretending it's toothpaste. How does that dude figure that he can throw a tube of toothpaste and expect everybody to imagine that it's muscle pain reliever? That must've been heartbreaking to him when everybody started reporting it was toothpaste, cause it's at that moment that he realizes that nobody else in the country was thinking along the same lines as he was.

In jail the officers were probably asking him about the toothpaste and in his frustration he was screaming, "IT WAS MUSCLE PAIN RELIEVER!? DON'T YOU GET IT!?" And of course the cops would just respond, "Sure looked like toothpaste."

I would've thrown whatever device they use to drain fluid from a person's knee. See that would've been funny. Just the logistics of getting that device into left field and then having my distraught mother have to try to explain what the heck it was.

Finally, does Bonds deserve this kind of treatment? I'm not so sure any more. For example...

Karen Greggersen said her son was at the game with his sister and nephew, and she knew he was "planning on doing something" and she unsucessfully tried to talk him out of it.
Doesn't that quote sound like the son was planning an assassination attempt a la Taxi Driver? And if he was truly planning this stunt in advance, then wouldn't he have picked something more interesting than a tube of toothpaste? And there obviously was no kind of getaway. This kid is the retarded taxi driver of baseball.

"You lookin' at me, Barry? You must be lookin' at me. This ain't toothpaste, Barry. You must be lookin' at me. Oh yeah? Well, EAT TOOTHPASTE, BARRY!"