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More wisdom from the Superscout

Here's what I like about Superscout. He's succinct. He tells you what he feels and he bullet points it. It makes it nice and easy for blogging.

As a refresher, here's what we know so far.

  • Superscout likes our pitchers.

  • Superscout is going to set up a draft pipeline.

  • Superscout doesn't think you should ever take a pitch if it's in the strikezone.
And now... Superscout wants walks.
Under Fuson, the Padres are tabulating pitches-seen totals by every minor league hitter. An offense's total of pitches seen matters to Fuson, who after analyzing last year's data found that Padres affiliates won 58 percent of the games in which the offense saw at least 150 pitches.
I'm rooting for Superscout here, though I worry about the whole cause and effect thing. Are the Padres winning most of those games because they see that many pitches, or are they seeing that many pitches because they're already winning the games?