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Collisions, Cowcats and Change Ups

Hope everybody had an enjoyable Easter. I watched the game while drifting in and out of sleep. Things I noticed about yesterday's game between naps:

  1.  Either nobody is calling the ball or Sledge just loves colliding with people in the outfield.  Yesterday he ran into Khalil. I really believe that Dave Roberts hates Sledge.  The looks on his face while he's getting up off the ground are those of pure disgust.
  2.  I like watching Brian Giles swing the bat.  Some may prefer he walk all the time, but by swinging every now and again pitchers will be too careful with him and give him the walk.
  3.  Trevor gave up his usual 2 hits per save.  Anybody notice his fastball is 83 mph?  
  4. Dewon Brazelton's new nickname is "Cowcat" because Dex believes this name is opposite of a "Bulldog".