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Interview: Argy Stathopulos

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Argy Stathopulos: The Interview!

Argy has been a reporter for Channel 4 Padres since 1999 and now leaves us to marry her fiance and move to New Mexico.

Congrats on the move and marriage.  Will you be working in sports journalism in New Mexico?  Remain a Padres fan?  Forget us?

First off, how can I ever forget the guys and gals at Gaslampball?  After all, I get more emails from you than most of my friends!  I am currently pursuing jobs in and around New Mexico, once I have something firmed up, I will let you know.

Seeing that the only professional baseball team in New Mexico is the Albuquerque Isotopes, I will forever remain a Padres fan.  I have spent nearly 10 years in San Diego, so I am definitely a loyal Friars fan.

Let's say I had the most amazing Padres story ever in a manila envelope...and said manila envelope was in a burning pet store.  How many animals do you save before you go for the envelope?

Good question, did you major in journalism?  This is a tough one... Considering I was never much of a sprinter, I think I could only make one trip.  I would probably grab a couple of animals and go straight for the manila envelope.  Hopefully my 5'10" wing span would allow me to grab a couple more animals on the way out!

In the story of Argy Stathopulos' life, who plays Argy? What about me? Who plays me? Kevin Spacey, right?

Sandra Bullock?  I don't know, I have had people tell me we look alike, I don't know if I believe it.  As for you, someone dashing, austere man who is a Padres fan of course.

Hit shuffle on your iPod. What are the first 5 songs that come up?

As John Weisbarth will tell you, I am not a big music person.  I think it was getting rejected when trying out for a kids choir when I was a child...but I am a big fan of House Music, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, you name it, I like it.  Top 5 artists...Coldplay, Norah Jones, U2, Harry Connick, Beyonce.

Now that you are leaving you can tell us truthfully without any repercussions.  Dennis Morgigno: hot or not?

Nice try...he's my boss!

Why do you think I get so nervous around you?

I don't know, is it because all of your friends on Gaslampball gave you a hard time about me  never sending you the answers the first time around?  Oh yes, I do read what you all write!

What's your prediction for the Padres this year?  What place do they come in the NL West?  How many games will they win?

I hate to say it, but I think the Padres are going to finish the season 3rd in the NL West with a record of 78-84.  I think the starting pitching and the bullpen are a little suspect.  But I am excited to see how some of the young players do this season, like Josh Barfield and Adrian Gonzalez.

Okay, seriously what is up with Brian Giles?  We've seen him tenderly kissing his teammates on the neck and cheek time and again.  Very affectionate man or just a bit crazy?

I would say a little bit of both!  What's life, if you don't live on the wild side?

On the soap opera that is Channel 4 Padres, I always kinda wanted you and Weisbarth to end up together.  But like Dawson and Joey, it just wasn't meant to be.  What went wrong?

You didn't know we were engaged at one time?  I am only kidding.

You said it best, like Dawson and Joey, it just wasn't meant to be.  John and I are great friends and that's it.  We have practically grown up together on television, and I am very proud to say that.  He is more like a brother to me then anything.  If you ever see us together, we even fight and joke around like brother and sister.  He's one of the many people I will truly miss in San Diego.

Be honest, did you get creeped out when you read my poem "Ode to Argy"?

I am more of a haiku person.  But when I did read the poem "Ode to Argy" I was flattered that someone would take the time to research my interests and background.  You definitely did your homework.  And yes, I have been to the Acropolis, in case you were wondering.

The Pad Squad, valuable Padres ambassadors or rebellious youths armed with water balloon launchers?

Rebellious youths armed with water balloon launchers.  With that being said, they are great people and do great things in and around the ballpark.