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SI looks at Baseball's Worst Contracts


SI says Chan Ho Park's contract was the worst in major league history.

Chan Ho Park, $15.3 million
Retire the trophy; the five-year, $65 million free-agent contract that the Rangers awarded Chan Ho Park after the 2001 season is the worst in major-league history.

The Rangers traded Chan Ho Park to the Padres last season for designated hitter Phil Nevin, another candidate for this list.

Just goes to show how badly we needed to get rid of Nevin, by picking up the remaining years of his contract.  


Trevor Hoffman

Trevor Hoffman, $4.5 million
Love that San Diego discount. Trevor Hoffman, 38, is earning less than half of what his Blue Jays' counterpart, lefty B.J. Ryan, will average in his new contract.

Sure, Trevor Hoffman is eight years older than B.J. Ryan, but he began the season with 436 career saves to Ryan's 42 ? and he's still going strong.