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What do you use for a buzz?

The Seattle-Post Intelligencer has a good article on the effect of banning greenies.

However, they all thought those who play in all 162 games will go the route of the black-and-white TV. Playing the day after a night game is going to be the exception rather than the rule.

Managers may begin to pull the plug on games in which the starting pitcher gets blasted much faster in order to get his guy rest.

Catchers, who go through the most grueling punishment, may be the most impacted.

Some players think there will be an increase in trips to the disabled list. The player who used to be able to fight through the soreness will now spend a stint on the DL.

Bench players will be called upon more than ever. The Mariners-focused baseball blog, Lookout Landing, found that on average last year an American League team's original starting lineup covered only 75 percent of a team's at-bats. It also found that one-fifth of all pitchers who started were not in the Opening Day rotation.

This gives another advantage to the large payroll team that is willing to pay $1 million for a bench player.

Will it be worse for a warm-weather team like Texas, or will the Mariners' excess travel become a major disadvantage?
Now that greenies have been banned, jbox and I have been resorting to excessive amounts of coffee and Red Bull. I've also started chewing Copenhagen mixed with beef jerky in an effort to keep the focus, but jbox swears by Skoal and Bubblicious.