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Open Thread: 4/12, Padres vs. Marlins

Today we face the Mighty Marlins again.  Chris Young  (he's 6'10") is pitching against Brian Moehler.  Khalil tore it up yesterday.  

I don't know if any of you listen to KGB's morning show "Dave, the Shelley and the Chainsaw".  They have this guy who does fake play by play of baseball games, but he talks about how attracted he is to the players and how strong they are and stuff.  It's fantastically hilarious.  His name is Pete Hansen.  He doesn't have any CD's but I guess he is on DSC's movie DVD.  

They played a bit with him talking about Khalil this morning.  He was talking about how Khalil looks like Spicoli from "Fast Times...".  Said something like "Khalil steps out of the box to tighten his batting gloves and balances the knob of his bat in his crotch.  I'll have to remember this pose later when I'm talking to Mr. Hand (Mr. Hand was Spicoli's teacher)".  Really funny.

Anyway, Padres try to win their first back to back games today.  Game starts at 10am our time.