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Quick links before the morning game

Real quick...

  • Ducksnorts book review. I love the crazy ways history intersects baseball. I'll have to check this one out.

  • From Gaslamp Baller mato, John Weisbarth's MySpace page. Weisbarth has all these hot chicks for friends. All I got on my MySpace is my wife's 12 year old cousin Andy and all of his friends. I'm pretty sure my MySpace profile has placed me on the FBI watch list.

  • Brocail with a second angioplasty. Get better soon, Doug! We're rooting for you.

  • ESPN says biggest concern is the rotation. I wonder how they thought of that after watching our starters get shelled at home. Real insightful, ESPN. Reeeeeaal insightful.

  • Ichiro's oh for his last 18. I heard from a bird that after Ichiro won the WBC, he decided there was nothing left to accomplish and now he's mailing it in. Slacker.