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Jeter a punk, but refuses to be punk'd

Ben Maller: Yanks Jeter won't be "Punk'd"

Chris Rock and Derek Jeter have insisted on a "no-Punking" clause in their MTV contracts, according to the NY POST.

Rock and Jeter got the deals before they agreed to appear on MTV, so as not to be pranked by Ashton Kutcher's show "Punk'd."

This is a tough call for me.  I'm not sure who I like less the Kutch or Jeter.  Everybody on the Yankees, mostly Jeter and A-Rod are so worried about their reputations and their fade haircuts.  They can't even take a joke or laugh at themselves.  On the other hand Punk'd hasn't been funny since they got Frankie Munoz on the first episode.  Now they only punk people that are promoting something and they use it as a half hour commercial.  If I was Jeter I'd put something in my MTV contract where they had to cancel Fez's show "Yo Mama" before I do anything for them.