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Our minor league teams are going to try to win now

Apparently, our minor league teams weren't really trying all this time because Superscout Grady Fuson has to tell them as much. Wha? How's that again?

"Show me that somebody that says winning is not a part of development, I'll show you a loser," said Fuson, the Padres' vice president of scouting and development.
It's really a little troubling to me that Fuson has to come in and spell this kind of stuff out for us. Were we seriously the tards of the bunch that we didn't try to have winning clubs? Who's responsible for this!?
"We've always preached winning," said Bill Bryk, who is in his seventh season as the Padres' minor league field coordinator. "Winning is a part of development. We've always preached that. You try not to sacrifice development in order to win."
Suuuure, Bill. Cover your ass now that Superscout's around. There's a new sheriff in town and your halcyon days are over!