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Stuff to take your mind off it

Let's all just not think about what happened last week. It's an off-day. Seriously.

  • Scroll down or look at this link for info on The Emerald Diamond, which is a documentary about the Irish National Baseball Team. Looks interesting.

  • From USA Today, though I got no link...
    MLBAM is forming a 50-50 partnership with music marketing and licensing group Signatures Network to "take a percentage of the revenue generated by" musicians' Web sites. Signatures administers sites for performers including Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne and Fleetwood Mac and handles e-commerce for The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West and Coldplay. MLBAM CEO Bob Bowman said that he expects up to $40M in '06 from "non-baseball ventures -- about half of that coming from the Signatures partnership"
    I'd really like to get a better handle on what artists are gonna end up as part of this deal. If you get the right ones, this may be the year that we hear custom entrance music for players.

  • Insight regarding the steroid investigation. Scott Boras plans on using attorney client priviledge. He also says,
    "I think any major league player realizes that ... they've got a career, a future and a reputation inside the game. I don't know what a player will have to gain by disclosing historical facts that have nothing to do with his career."
    He can be a jerk, but he's right.