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Open Thread: Padres vs Cubs

Last day of Spring Training. And our last practice open thread before we start for real.

Some ground rules. I don't mind if you guys (gwynntown, slodown4me, Lance, Richard) disagree and debate. What I don't want is you guys scaring away Gaslamp Ballers from commenting for fear of being ridiculed.

So stay away from the name calling. A little good natured ribbing is always fine, but don't take it too far. Jbox and I pride ourselves on the readers that visit the site and we know that there are different levels of how people express themselves as fans.

So if you're a SABR stat geek and somebody says they like a player because of something that doesn't appear on a PECOTA card or isn't directly represented in his VORP... then don't assume that the person is an idiot.

Similarly, if you know in your heart that numbers can't tell you everything about a person, and somebody starts throwing stats at you... don't assume that the person is any less of a fan than you are.

OK... Continue. But know that I'm tightening the reigns for a few days till people chill out.