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Why does Dontrelle hate the United States of America?

Some various links for your perusal. Seriously, peruse your little butts off.

  • Canada beats the USA. Not that I expected the USA to win every game. It's just that I kinda expected them to win against Canada. And how does any one pitcher give up more than 2 runs when every pitcher you have is a closer? Just pretend every inning is the 8th or 9th. How hard is that?

  • Baseball Prospectus Padres team health report. Will's graciously allowed the SportsBlogs Nation sites to do follow up questions/interviews. I still haven't sent mine. Some of the assessments are seriously confusing me like the green light for Khalil who can't keep a finger un-broken and red for Chris Young for no apparent reason at all. And as a fan, I'm mildly insulted when his health assessment talks about how bad we suck. The only questions that have been coming to mind are, "Are you making this stuff up?" and "If not, can you teach me how to pull that kind of stuff out of my ass?" Don't tell anybody I said that, by the way. I still like Baseball Prospectus.

  • Just to show that I'm only kidding about the mean stuff in the last bullet, I encourage you to support BP and check out Will Carroll's chat who talks a little bit about Bonds and actually wrote a book about steroids, so he should know a thing or two about recent events (but not necessarily about the Pads' chances).

  • Ashby starting to doubt himself. Doubt leads to fear. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Hmmmm... Does that make sense in Ashby's case? How about, walk down left side of road, OK. Walk down right side of road, OK. Walk down middle, SQUISH. Basically, if Ashby doesn't think he can do it anymore, then maybe he really can't do it anymore.

  • Piazza refuses to criticize Bonds. Pussy.

  • What is Kite Flying Society? Seriously. What isn't Kite Flying Society? Check them out at the Whistle Stop on Friday. Tell their bass player you like the Padres and you'll likely hear a profanity laced tirade about how much he likes the Padres too. Foul mouth on that Kite Flying Society bass player.