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Things that go on while I'm away

It's kinda nice not getting to the blog but once or twice a day. I like seeing posts and diaries and comments in them. I also like when nobody comments in my crazy posts. I apologize for those.

Here are some various Padresque links if you're online.

  • The ee cummings inspired metalsupply points out that Bob Cluck has joined the Padres. Cluck is an accomplished baseball man who also founded the baseball school at the batting cages that Gaslamp Ball used to frequent when we used to be an adult league baseball team and not just a Padres blog.

  • Friar Faithful is going to attempt a Top 100 Padres of all time. We're going to help out with a few write ups of our own favorites. With any kind of luck at all it should be interesting. I dunno how good it could possibly be though unless it has the Titillater from Tijuana, the Long Locked Latin Lover, everybody's favorite cuddleable catcher, Carlos Hernandez... in the top five. Seriously, Richard. Top five.

  • The Bevacqua Files is a blog about a 10x10 roto keeper league which is, apparently, named after Padres World Series hero Kurt Bevacqua. Incidentally, Bevacqua comes in at #84 on the Gaslamp Ball Top 100 Padres list. I dunno where he's gonna end up on Richard and Lance's list.

  • If there's one thing we know about Mike Piazza, he crushes Australian pitching. Although now that I look at it, he went 1-4 and Padres prospect Dustin Delucchi went 2-4 with 2 runs and a RBI. What's up with Piazza getting the headline? Dude's already hogging the glory.

  • Other Padres representation in the WBC: Peavy looks fine. Castilla gets one of Mexico's four hits.

  • Go see Kite Flying Society on Friday at the Whistlestop.