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Japan vs Tapei

Sweet. Late night playing some Robotron 2084 and I figure, I'll watch me some SportsCenter and hit the hay. Imagine my delight when I see that there's actual baseball on! Japan looks like they're taking on Tapei on ESPN2 right now.

Having never seen Asian baseball before, I'm psyched. Who are these people that don't want to watch baseball right now? Isn't this cool? People talking about how these players are just coming off the offseason and how they'll suck and all.

I got news for you. I'll watch little league games and enjoy them. Here, I'm watching presumably some of the best Asian players today and I'm gonna be worried that they're slightly rusty?

Besides, these are professional athletes. Anybody who sucks that bad one month before the regular season deserves to look like a jerk in front of an international audience.

Anybody else awake and watching this? It's still the first inning. They play nine innings in Asia, right? I mean, who knows?