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Bret Boone retires after losing the "edge"

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When they started really testing for the "edge" it really hit some people hard. Losing that "edge" was intense. Bret Boone had the "edge" just a few short years ago, and he was awesome then. Unfortunately, as the edge goes away, so too does Bret Boone.

"Physically, I think I can still do it. It wasn't as easy as even three or four years ago, but I had lost the edge. I couldn't look in the mirror and think that I would get that edge back," Boone said.

Darn that "edge". I had the "edge" once. But when my right testicle shriveled up to almost nothing an I started feeling really angry at my mailbox for no reason I decided that maybe being on the "edge" wasn't so much good for me. Cest la vie.